247 | resource | Types of upload or download systems

There are several different options available for you to upload (send) or download (receive) files

Our FTP system

For large number of files we recommend you to use our FTP system. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the most reliable, secureable way to transmission of files. You can get immediate access to it once you Sign up or Register to this website. Learn more about our FTP System to transfer files between you ans us.

Your FTP system

We also welcome you to use your own FTP system to send and receive images. Just upload the images to your server and let us know the login details, we will collect the files from there and return you once finished.

Other third party options

You can also use these third party options to send your files to us. However we will return you the edited files through our server, which you can download using the first two options above.

  • Dropbox
  • YouSendIt
  • SendThisFile etc