247 | resource | Job processing guideline

How to Process your jobs effectively and efficiently

    Folder/Files Naming convention is the most important factor to process our jobs nicely. We name a folder in such a way that, at a first glance we can realize
  • When the job is posted,
  • What type of work we will do and
  • Who post the job.

Recommended guideline to create a folder

  • Folder name should be "Date_ServiceName_JobReference.
  • Enter into the created folder and create another folder named "ToDo".
  • Upload all files/folders inside the “ToDo” folder.
  • Typical example is: 15-10-2012_ClippingPath_cp247
    As you can see there are 3 parts in the name: date, type of service require and job reference.
  • Date: Date of place the order. For example: 18-01-2012. Date format shoud be (dd-mm-yyyy). Day is two digit, Month is two digit and Year is four digit
  • ServicName: The name of service. For example: ClippingPath, Masking, Retouching, Manipulation, DropShadow etc. If you need multiple services just write "MultiService". You must explain about "MultiService" in message/instructions filed during filling up the order form.
  • JobReference (optional): If you have any of your/client's reference, that you think should be included in the job name, you can give it here.
  • After complete your job, we will upload them back in a folder called "Completed" inside the appropriate job folder.

Uploading files and folders

When you have a new project for us, you usually upload the images first to our server through either directly our website or using FTP account.
  • If you have some images total of size less than 20MB, make a zip file with these images (size must be less than 20MB) and then upload them by clicking browse button in order form.
  • If you have many images total of unlimited size, make a zip file with some representative images (size must be less than 20MB) and then upload them. For uploading rest of the images use our FTP server.